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Trump has

really burned some bridges lately. And honestly, I really don’t understand why. But he has. I gotta be honest–Trump was aVERY good President and it is obvious that Biden cheated him out of a second term. NO argument there.

But don’t kid yourself: Trumpism goes far beyond The Donald. It actually isn’t really tied to Trump the person at all!

But Trump running again with DeSantis as his running mate was a no-brainer–and yet Trump totally blew up that possibility. Why? Now MANY of us like the idea of DeSantis better than Trump. In a lot of ways policy-wise, he is more “Trumpist” than Trump himself!

And yet, trust me, Trump will run no matter what. Even if it hurts Conservatism. If he does drop out, he drops out and then is vituperatively bitter. THAT is the worry!

So far, DeSantis is playing it smart–he knows very well that Trump is a firecracker who may explode at any time. And DeSantis’ conservative bona fides are beyond dispute. He is far more “Trumpy” than Trump himself. Trump is doing himself no favors, here.

So my worry is that Trump will divide conservative voters, thus leading to a crap-eating Lefty despot. I worry about him valuing his own desires more than the good of the country.

Now Trump is head and shoulders better than any known Democrat with Presidential aspirations. And if he is the nominee I will vote for him in a heartbeat! But still, him acting this way is just not helping him!

Trump was a very good President–he was skilled and made mostly good choices. But his recent behavior strongly suggests that perhaps it’s time for conservatives to move on…

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