Age-related decline Bad Faith Deception

Yeah, but I would

have to differ and say that they don’t ACTUALLY think that. It is merely politically convenient for them to have the obviously brain-addled people in office:


The Democrat party is the party of the gorked…

Once upon a time we mocked the Soviet Union for its gerontocracy. Aged party leaders, bundled up in overcoats and fur hats to the point of near-unrecognizability, would be wheeled out to sit, immobile, as parades passed or party congresses opened. Their withered, stale leadership was emblematic of the decaying USSR’s withered, stale ideology — and industrial base.

But now the joke’s on us.

…So 2% of the United States Senate — at minimum — and 100% of the executive branch is mentally impaired enough to raise real questions about these Democrats’ ability to do their jobs. And in Biden’s and Fetterman’s cases, the press actively ran interference for them, ensuring their election over candidates who were, at least, mentally all there.

There’s a species of cruelty in putting people in jobs they’re mentally unable to handle, but there’s a worse species of cruelty in subjecting an entire nation to being governed by such people — or by whoever is pulling their strings from behind the scenes. Enough.

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