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I think this story

deserves a bit more attention.

And not just because it shows China’s malevolence.

It is also a case study in government mendacity.

Keep in mind how strenuously the Fauci Party Line suppressed the lab leak hypothesis. A good example of the enforced conformity on the subject is still perhaps Stephen Colbert’s obvious discomfort, and the subsequent media denunciation, when Jon Stewart embraced the lab leak hypothesis on his show a year ago.

Understand well; When it is in their perceived interest, Gov’t lies to you. Do they always lie? Heavens no. That would make it painfully easy to make a call. No, some of what they say is a lie. But some isn’t, and that makes differentiation FAR more challenging!

Look at just the nutrition stuff, for craps sake!

But now, everyone knows it! Only the most die-hard Democrat dead-enders even hold to that line, now.

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