Abortion Political philosophy

Honestly, why do

Democrats LOVE abortion so much?

I really don’t get it. You wouldn’t think that they would go so ga-ga over infanticide.

But you would be wrong…

I think that abortion reveals the scummy underbelly of the hard Left. THAT is why it HAS to be an unquestioned and usually unexamined shibboleth of the Left. Because if you start examining THAT…

Let’s just say that it would mean that you had stepped out of the Lefty “circle of safety.”

And abortion on demand for any reason even after the birth has become the mark of the beast Lefty identity. And therefore groveling obeisance must be paid! ALL Lefties who are part of that “tribe” HAVE TO make a deep curtsy to that abomination! Or they are no longer “in the club.”

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