Bad Faith

It truly is

the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Washington that he is prepared to release some of the “hidden” footage from the January 6th, 2021 riot at the Capitol as early as next week.

What seems to be happening is that many prominent Democrats are being proved by the footage to be at the very least gulls and quite often outright liars! Yes, an utter nightmare for Democrats, which is why they refused to release the footage for two freakin’ years!

It is ONLY with the Republican House that the truth about this is starting to come out. ALWAYS remember this: Democrats desperately wanted to keep the truth away from the light of public view, while Republicans wanted the truth to be widely known.

The moral issues are pretty dang clear, here. And YOU need to make a choice as to where YOU stand! Do you stand with truth, or do you throw in with the lies? Go ahead, make your choice…

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