Civil Rights Dishonesty Injustice

So tell me,

how is that not exculpating evidence? And the prosecution HID that evidence.

“Donald Trump has asked everybody to go home!” Chansley could be seen announcing into a megaphone to the crowd at the doors to the building. “We made our point, Donald Trump asked us to go home.”

“So what are we going to do? We’re going to obey our president, we’re going to do as he [Trump] asks, and we’re going to go home,” he [Chansley] directed the protestors, who were on site after Trump’s rally at the DC Ellipse

…”Let’s get out of here guys,” he [Chansley] continued, urging fellow Trump supporters to leave the Capitol. 

Chansley then read a direct quote from Trump’s Twitter, “I am asking for everyone in the US Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, we are the party of law and order. Respect our law enforcement and men and women in blue.”

Chansely was maliciously prosecuted. Cut-and-dried. The Democrat MSM and Democrat party lied to us! Can you say, “mistrial?”

Because remember:

Chansley was sentenced to four years in prison for his trespassing crimes, despite the fact that he tried to defuse the situation and police calmly walked him around the building. [emphasis added]

Now I can just hear the Lefties whining,”But, but, but he pleaded guilty to the charges!”

Sure, but even if you were innocent, you might plead guilty to get four years in prison rather than maintaining your innocence and getting 20! I don’t think the guilty plea means a dang thing…

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