Political philosophy

I find it

utterly fascinating that Mike Mansfield was a BIG TIME Democrat. Huge. He was the Democrat Senator from MONTANA, and the Senate Majority Leader from 1961 clear to 1977. Pretty much as mainstream a Democrat as you can get.

Today he would not only NOT be a Democrat, he would be far too conservative to even be a RINO.

The Democrat party has changed immensely. You didn’t leave them, they left you!

So I sometimes hear modern Democrats give some 90-year-old decent guy who was always a Democrat as proof that even these days one can be both a Democrat and a moral human being.

Nonsense! Yes, you could 50 years ago, but no longer! Back in 1988 an older Democrat gentleman was a mentor to me. He had been a Democrat congressman and an Ambassador for the Carter administration.

But even then, sitting around his kitchen table, he told me that while it was still possible to be both moral and a Democrat, one has to choose very carefully what planks of the Democrat agenda one accepts.

That was about 34 years ago. There is NO doubt in my mind that if he were still alive and doing politics he would NOT call himself a Democrat anymore!

You didn’t leave them, they left you…

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