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Here’s my

understanding: Hunter Biden’s attorneys argue…

  1. They don’t admit that the Laptop was Hunter’s in the first place.
  2. They argue that even if it was, state law requires more time than Mac Isaac’s signed receipt gives–So even though Hunter left it that long and signed the agreement and was hounded to come get the computer, there was still more time by state law before the hardware became the property of Mac Isaac. And this notwithstanding any actual agreement Hunter made with Mac Isaac.
  3. That even if enough time passed and ownership passed to Mac Isaac, only the hardware (the hard drive) became the property of Mac Isaac, not the content that was on it. So distributing the content was a viable cause of action against Mac Isaac.

Here’s what I think, as a non-attorney, point-by-point:

  1. This total bull-crap. OF COURSE it was Hunter’s laptop! DUH! There is not a single person in the country with even average IQ who doesn’t know that!
  2. Slightly less weak bull-crap. Hunter agreed to very reasonable terms, and he abandoned the computer. Mc Isaac waited the agreed–upon time. He tried to get Hunter to come get it. Cry me a freakin’ river…
  3. The strongest case, IMHO. Still, it is hard to parse it so carefully as to make it work. It’s really IS just pettifoggery.

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