Anti-scientific stance Foolishness

Yes, we are

starting to see a shift. And I told you it would come! Two words: Recovered Memory.

Right now is just the beginning of this shift, but those of us who are old and wise enough to have seen this kind of thing before in medical circles always quite clearly recognized it as just another destructive medical fad that would eventually burn itself out.

Of course, there are victims. Lobotomy was a fad that burned itself out, too. But there were thousands of life-long victims. And also, many parents were falsely accused of child sex abuse–and some went to prison.

And that is also the general case here–the very same pattern. But times 1000, this time. It is burning itself out, but there will be many thousands of life-long victims. And just who will be the last person to be permanently mutilated in the service of this fad?

Truly sad. Heartbreaking, really. Attorneys, gear up!

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