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Oh, would

you look at that!

Look, I’ve been a doc on psych wards. Even with all the “happy talk,” anyone who has actually been there treating patients knows very well that things are NOT going well.

Even in the Navy, where we didn’t have insurance limitations, very few patients were in for more than two weeks. And Fetterman has already been there… for how long? He entered February 15th. So it’s been one day short of six weeks already! And it will be at least another two at best (and I wouldn’t count on that).

I’m not sure I’ve ever personally been involved in an inpatient hospitalization for two months! Oh sure, there are some State hospitals that do that, but it’s pretty unusual for otherwise functional people.

What it almost for sure means is that Fetterman is still a danger to self or others. Otherwise, you could do partial hospitalization or outpatient treatment.

The fact that he will be hospitalized for at least two months is actually quite revealing. Those of us who have done this know that things are NOT going smoothly.

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