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I would like to point out that if the case is as weak as described—held together by chicken wire and rubber bands (to quote former AG Bill Barr)—then the fact that they are bringing it against Trump means they will look to bring it against you in the future[emphasis added]

But already we are seeing the sands start to shift:

When registered Democrat legal professors Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley pronounce an obligation to side with Trump based on the facts, and neither of them voted for him, what more does one need to understand?

In just under twelve hours after the announcement Team Trump had already raised an excess of $5,000,000. 

Within minutes a unified voice in Congress from Republicans in the Senate and House began releasing statements from members of both chambers, roundly condemning the action.

… On Saturday new polls began being released. Every poll published this far lacks a result where the majority of Americans believe that any of this sad drama is legitimate.[emphasis added]

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