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case for DeSantis NOT running in 2024:

First, there is nothing that Leftists would like better than for conservatives beat each other up, to have the Trump crowd and the DeSantis crowd split. That makes it easier for them.

Trump has already (stupidly, IMHO) poisoned the well with his irrational hammering of DeSantis. And while Trump won’t do it, DeSantis should move to stop the bloodletting. No, it’s not his fault, but so it is.

Second, DeSantis has been a VERY good Governor of Florida and it would be a shame to have him gone from there. The state has become a conservative powerhouse. A good example is the very recent Constitutional Carry law that he just signed.

Finally, the voter fraud thing is still a HUGE problem. Many states have not done what was needed to correct it–to make our elections free and fair.

DeSantis would be better served to let Trump face those headwinds. If Trump wins, he will hammer voter fraud with a vengeance. And if he loses through voter fraud, there will be a HUGE outcry from the people, with redoubled efforts to stop fraud. Either one helps DeSantis.

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