Fighting Back History

I wonder if

(I hope) Republicans will get off the freakin’ dime and start fighting back! It is time to take off the gloves!

You want to prosecute former Presidents for paying off women they slept with? OK, Lefties, but understand well that this puts Bill Clinton and many other Democrats in jeopardy!

Is Alvin Bragg so much of an amateur that he didn’t realize that a charging document has to actually charge a crime?  Does he think he can arrest and book a citizen without telling him what crime he’s accused of — like what they used to do in the good old USSR?

Prosecute for rape? Hey, old Joe is allegedly guilty of that. Prosecute lying and chronic dishonesty? I give you…Barack Obama! Hey Lefties, are you SURE you wanna play this game?

.. there’s the Pandora’s box he [Bragg] just opened.  Unless the courts put a rapid end to this clown show, he has put the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, and Pelosis in legal jeopardy — by forever changing the rules of political discourse and criminal justice in America.  If the Dems are going to change the rules in their rabid pursuit of The Donald, it’s only appropriate that we review our tactics in light of the new rules.

But hey, Lefties, if YOU insist that these are the new rules… Just remember, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! We have LONG had a “norm” of not prosecuting former Presidents–for a VERY good reason. Say, you know you Lefties are NOT gonna like these new rules of yours!

You know what was the final nail in the coffin of the Roman Empire? Prosecuting former officials. THAT is why Caesar famously rolled the dice. By the time he got to the Rubicon, the die had been well and truly cast.

If Lefties were not so dang ignorant of history they would know better! <sigh>

But they don’t, They have no idea what’s coming! And they won’t like it one bit.

In fact, some on the left understand the concept of turnabout and know these charges are weak and likely to fail. Others are digging up calendars and counting the years since their last hush money payment made during their own campaign.

Either way, so-called liberals should be wary of what a Trump presidency would look and feel like for them. That particular man, wounded and embarrassed and objectively wronged, with no need to tone it down for the campaign, should be of critical concern for anyone with a “D” on their elected office nameplate.

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