Basic Economics

Law and order

matter. Think about it for half a second–YOU would not set up a business in, say, the middle of a busy highway. Why? Because your customers AND employees would be hit all the time. I mean, would it make a lick of sense to do so?

No wonder Walmart is leaving!

How about you outfit (and stock) a ski shop in the middle of a remote part of gang-controlled Mexico. Does that make any sense at all?

Or how about you set up a Walmart in downtown Chicago or San Fransisco? And much of your inventory is not sold, but stolen. Folks track in people poop from the sidewalks and streets on their shoes all the time–and YOU have to pay someone to clean it up. Drug pushers take over the bathrooms. Street whores are turning tricks in front of the registers. Shoplifting is both regular and rampant. Oh, and the land you are on and the building you have costs millions! And you pay for that location every single month. Just what would YOU do, huh?

How do any of these things make business sense?

Well, they don’t. So Walmart is leaving. Target is also gone. DUH!

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