Political philosophy

It’s really quite

typical of Leftism: All hat and no cattle. LOTS of invective, but no data. THAT is how you know this is a cult–they have not advanced far enough to be a religion.

The FACT that conservatives are challenged all the time is a blessing in disguise. The Left is virtually never challenged and they have gotten very intellectually flabby; To the point that they fear rational discussion and just run away.

And that is the final, common pathway for ALL cults! It is, in fact, a defining feature.

These people need to be held accountable for the unconsidered and inane generalities that fall off their tongues so easily. They must be called out for these broad, foolish statements, immediately and completely.

… No honest person can argue the U.S. is better off under Biden’s leadership. And it doesn’t take a genius to expose a fool; Elon showed us how easily it can be done.

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