Separation of the People



I have always assumed that this country would get to the point where the two political factions just can no longer tolerate each other and live together.

Initially I thought that meant a dissolution of the country (very bad) and/or even a Civil war (horrors!). But I’ve changed my mind. I’ve come to the opinion that while the separation indeed takes place, it already is taking place!

Conservative people are moving to conservative areas. That results in the places they left becoming even MORE extreme in their Leftism, and the places they move to as even more Conservative.

So I think there is indeed a separation among the people. But it is a far more natural and organic process than what I had assumed.

And if this is managed with Federalism, it can work. But if the Left reverts to their true colors and tries to force everyone to do what they want by hook or by crook, all bets are off.

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