Current Events

Good question:

Why now? I think it is a furtive effort to get rid of senile old Joe. He has served his purpose, and now will be kicked to the curb.

See, now he is a liability. No one ever was all that excited about Joe Biden. Yes, many people irrationally hated Donald Trump, and Biden pretended to be a “moderate” and so it seemed OK to vote for him (though far more against Trump). But once in office, “Biden” (we are legion) was not moderate at all, and governed as an extreme Lefty.

But the MSM, who covered for old Joe, big-time in 2020, now has their long knives out for him. A bit. In secret, if at all possible. The claws are still partially retracted, let’s say. But still, a little is better than none!

Is this the Left’s last-ditch effort to take him off the board before the 2024 election? Sure looks like it.

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