Current Events

It very much

appears that FoxNews has been flushed down the “GetWokeGoBroke” toilet. That giant sucking sound is Fox circling the drain!

First it was the 2020 AZ fiasco. THAT really torqued viewers off! And now it appears that Rupert Murdoch has fired the cash cow Tucker Carlson. Wow, talk about crappy business sense! Now they have devolved into CNN with a bit more eye candy!

It’s an amazingly bone-headed business move. Leftists will never like or tune in to FoxNews, and now Fox’s primary audience is rightfully leaving in disgust. Who on earth thought this was somehow a good idea?

Leftists absolutely won’t watch them. And now they have alienated normal people. So who will even watch FoxNews now?

It’s kinda like Bud Light alienating “Joe Sixpack” and thinking that “woke” champagne drinkers will just jump in and save their bacon. Hey, both beverages are kinda amber colored!

I mean, honestly, how stupid can you be?

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