Current Events

Hunter Biden

is in trouble. So is his father.

Will anything legal come of it? I think it is 50/50. But in terms of reputation and the view of the general public, the verdict is in. And Joe is as corrupt as the day is long. We ALL know that now.

So YOU voted for a corrupt person. OK, so what now? Certainly you can decide not to vote for him again, and indeed you should, just from a morality standpoint.

Well, you first need to admit that you were either knowingly and willfully avoidant of the knowledge of Joe’s corruption, or you knew he was corrupt and were unapologetically all in on his corruption–YOU condoned it and were “all in” on it.

In legal tort terms, you knew or should have known.

In either case, you need to change. This is a “Come to Jesus” moment. Literally. And the first step in changing is to admit. NOTHING can happen until then.

Here is the first step in AA:

1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.

THAT is the first step in Lefty recovery: Admit. Until then, no change, no recovery can even get started.

Captain Obvious

It’s hardly a

surprise! Mark my words: Manchin is toast.

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is down by over 20 points in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup with Republican West Virginia Gov. and declared senatorial candidate Jim Justice, according to a Tuesday poll.

And it is almost 18 months before the election. It ain’t going to get much better, folks.

Manchin might as well run for President under the “No Labels” label banner, because there is no way in heck he will be re-elected as Senator from WV!

He sold WV out, and they won’t forget it…

Free Speech

Kinda funny

how free speech has turned into a conservative value.

But it has. It is Lefties who refuse to debate (even here on this site!). It is Lefties who just can’t tolerate an opposing position. It is Lefties who are violent when faced with views other than their own. It is Lefties who run away rather than stand for what they believe. It is Lefties who literally know nothing about the world unless they suck it off the teat of the great Lefty mama of the fever swamps.

And it is Lefties who will shout a speaker down rather than let the speaker say something they disagree with. It just reeks of weakness, of fear! The plain fact of the matter is that FREE speech is anathema to Leftists.

THAT is why they hate comedy of all stripes. Of course, Leftists are famously NOT funny people. The world’s smallest book may be,”The Complete Collection of Great German and Russian Humor.”

Current Events

Now I wish

there were a Buc-ee’s near where I live!

Current Events

Please noooo!

Not Chick-Fil-A! Say it ain’t so!

It is SOOOOO disappointing and discouraging. I don’t even drink, so I don’t care if Bud Light goes down the flushy river. And no longer going to Kohl’s is no big deal at all. They can die as far as I care. Dick’s? Dead to me.

But Chick-Fil-A is a wrench. And SO unexpected, to boot! Well, OK, they asked for it! It’s truly unreal.

And what is funny is that it won’t make Lefties suddenly start going there. No, it mainly means that Conservatives are so offended that they will no longer eat there. Lefties will, of course, still hate them.

They spent all these years saying that they were a good Christian company–closed on Sundays and all that. And now they have thrown it away for this! Staggering stupidity!

If CFA were smart, it would immediately renounce this crappery, shut up, and go back to what it actually knows–making delicious chicken.

But Leftism is like really bad crotch rot–once it starts feeding on a victim, it almost never really leaves. Borg-like, it gradually transforms its victims. Next thing you know you’re Darth Vader–more (Lefty) machine than man…


OK, I’m

in on Trump.

It’s a travesty that we still do birthright citizenship. Hardly anyone still does that! NONE of the European countries do, Mexico doesn’t, etc.

Just try to immigrate and become a citizen of Japan!

Current Events

Save Loretta!

Artists can’t back down to the raging Lefty tantrums and remain artists.

Comedy legend John Cleese says he refuses to remove the famous “Loretta” transgender scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian for the stage adaptation of the classic film.

The problem is, Lefties are famously humor-impaired.

You don’t have to like Life of Brian. I don’t now (though I have to admit to finding it a bit humorous when I was in high school).

Political philosophy Psychopathology



Bad Faith

Leftist Democrats

have been dragged kicking and screaming toward reality.

Current Events

I think the

debt ceiling deal is good for Republicans, but more in setting the stage for the future. But I disagree with this article that McCarthy had a weak hand–I think he had a moderately good hand and played his cards well.

Now a moderately good hand is NOT four aces. McCarthy didn’t have four Aces.

I think the frustration for many conservatives is that we are frequently sold a plan with promises of tomorrow. But (to bastardize a famous song) tomorrow is always a day away!

So the frustration is that we are sick of being gaffed off, and we want change NOW! I get that.

But realistically, we need a true Conservative as President and Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate. THAT is the reality.

Until then, we can only lay the groundwork, fight hard, and hope that tomorrow actually comes, that the long night of the Lefty Orc finally ends and the dawn peeks over the mountains in the East.

Have courage.