Hunter Biden will

NEVER face the consequences of his behavior. Bet on it!

As one commenter said of Hunter’s call to testify:

This is basically a sign that nothing will happen. It’s like Hillary bragging to Congress about ignoring the rules for classified documents, what’re you gonna do about it? Well, as we’ve seen, they did nothing. Hunter will get that privilege too, and the left will once again use this as an excuse to pretend that *the law applies to everybody.*

The only question is if any investigations will continue, just for pretense, or if it’ll just be over. Doesn’t matter, even if they keep going, the investigators will have already been told what to ignore and what results to reach, so the end will be the same.

The media doesn’t even ask if Hunter still takes crack with underage prostitutes. He probably does, Biden says Hunter’s done nothing wrong so we see what the standards are. Or at least we know who gets to ignore them for any reason they want. Like I said, this is just sending out official word that nothing will be done about this.

But don’t YOU dare speed! Or avoid taxes, or fail to get stickers on your car, or…

There IS no equal and fair administration of the law. Those who are de facto nobility are NOT under the same law the rest of us are. These days, justice is far from blind!

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