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Just know what

you’re getting if you vote Democrat…

The Bee is brutal! And yes, brutally funny.

But this is what you get! Understand well–The Democrats don’t give a crap about her. They only care that she votes with them. Sure, she has no idea about the fitness of the candidates (or pretty much anything else). But that means absolutely nothing to Democrats. I mean, they already have one incompetent geezer that they direct (he is in the White House). One more certainly doesn’t harm them. In the short-term…

Despite the senator’s condition, Democrats have pushed for Feinstein to return to the Senate floor, as her vote is critical for approving judicial nominees appointed by President Joe Biden. Upon her return, Democrats on the Judiciary Committee approved six Biden nominees, three of whom passed on a party-line vote, CNN reported Thursday. The votes had been put on hold while Feinstein was absent from D.C.

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