Bad Faith

Yeah, it’s

pretty stinkin’ odd. And when something SO far out of the norm happens, you wonder why–you think that there is perhaps a non-random factor in play.

For example, if a guy hits the lottery, we say, “Well, he was lucky.” If he hits it again a year later, we say, “Wow! That is amazing that he would be so lucky–it’s hard to believe!”

But when he hits it a third time, we say, “Hey now, wait just a doggone minute, here! Something is NOT random…”

And this not releasing the manifesto is SO far outside of expectations that one strongly suspects that there is something going on. It’s just not “normal.” Something is up, and the lame explanations we have heard are laughable.

The manifesto has been repeatedly blocked. And that flies in the face of an assumption of innocent randomness. You know, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but three times is enemy action… There is quite obviously something going on!

Now we can argues about what that something is, but there is clearly something. This isn’t random…

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