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No, I won’t

“forgive and forget,” and neither should you.

See, MOST of us can and would freely forgive the penitent. I know I would. But these folks are NOT penitent, they are just scoundrels trying frantically to avoid natural consequences.

Latterly, there’s a movement afoot by those who brought you the continuing Covid disaster to feign remorse over what they did. Don’t buy a word of it. These crocodiles — a cabal of frightened women and pusillanimous yet power hungry men — enjoyed every minute of your misery, even as they swan about on their mini non-apology tours and warn direly about the next iteration of the Black Death that is surely headed our (but not their) way. Meanwhile, they’re allowed to quietly resign and cash in their enormous pensions, courtesy of you.

I guess forgiving in the sense that I will await God’s judgment on them. But like with a burglar, I still lock my doors!

If they stopped lying, perhaps it would be different…

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