Culture Lefty Political Strategy

So why the attack

on the family?

I know this is it going to be a bit long, and I’m sorry. But this is pretty dang important.

There is a reason the Left always goes after families. There is a reason why the licentiousness of the Left is aimed directly at traditional morality and traditional family.

That is certainly no accident. Let me explain:

When you grow up in a family, you quickly experience your siblings’ and parents’ successes and failures as your own. And it moves outward from there. You are also part of a broader extended family, a “tribe” and a congregation. Eventually, you go outward enough that you are part of a country. You feel joy and pride when they succeed in something like, say, the Olympics—even though you don’t know the person at all. 

But really, you cannot feel that unless it was initially tied directly to your feelings of loyalty to your parents and family. You don’t feel this loyalty to a stranger you see on the street. You may like that person, and you might even have a general goodwill toward them. But you’re not loyal in the same way at all.  They are a total stranger.

We build on this family loyalty by being proud of our town. We also are proud of our ethnic background, our congregation, and our culture. At the top of that scale is being proud of our nation (which is quite different than our government). 

But understand well that none of this can happen without the prior attachment to family. In that context, we can understand very well why the Left has attacked family and traditional morality so heavily.

See, people go crazy as separate atoms, but they only get better in congregations and families.

The Left propose an atomistic view of personhood. So they attack family and history. You are not good, and your country is based in ignominious and and disgusting things (1619 Project). 

Therefore, the attack from the Left has to be first and foremost on the family. Because without those family bonds first, there is no loyalty to clan, to congregation, or to country.

Please note that that attack is often based in licentiousness. Why? Because such an attack destroys the fundamental building block of society most effectively by destroying family

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