Immorality Stooooopid!

The amount

of money they have lost is truly staggering!

Target and Bud Light have lost a whopping $28 billion combined amid marketing decisions geared toward transgender individuals, according to a report from Fox Business.

Bud Light promoted transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for its March Madness contest, costing parent company Anheuser-Busch nearly $19 billion in fallout, Fox Business reported Friday. Shares are also down 14% amid the boycotts

Good. Other companies should take heed! Target and Bud Light deserve to die!

Yes, Target, you just double down! <shakes head> moron…

Target CEO Brian Cornell has since recommitted the retail giant to its support of the LGBTQ community.

Last time I was in Target, there was a distinct whiff of “K-Mart shabbiness” in the air! Crappy leadership can tank a VERY big chain–just ask Sears, Target!

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