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Oh for sure.

It was organized crime.

You Biden voters? You voted for a mob boss. You voted for treason. Now some of you were just duped–you need to come clean about that. Admit that you were snookered and go and do better.

But some of you affirmatively voted for evil. Let’s just call things as they are.


Joe’s denials are

not even a little bit believable! Joe is lying. Again. Yet again…

Face it–Joe is a liar.


Did ANYONE have

any question the the whole Biden crime family clan is corrupt? I mean, anyone who is NOT mentally deficient…

Current Events

It’s FAR

worse than you think with China! We’re seeing a demographic collapse, and it probably is that China is past the point of no return.

The mill wheels of demographics are slow, but they grind exceedingly fine…

Now, the U.S better pay attention–it is FAR down that same Hellish path!

Deception Disgusting! Dishonesty

Sure, you can

say that this is Gaslighting. But I think it is perhaps a little more understandable to just say that you are being lied to–you are the victim in a game of 3-card Monty.

But I guess the crux of it is that you are being bald-faced lied to. Don’t be sucked in by these con-men! Wake up and smell the coffee, folks!

Age-related decline

So is it even

a big deal? It may well be. And the strap imprints tell a very concerning tale.

The fact that the marks are still visible 4 or 5 hours after the president supposedly wakes up raises an urgent question.

Noe “old skin” won’t bounce back as fast, but 4-5 hours?

Frankly, I’m sick of being lied to about Joe Biden’s health. We understand the political ramifications of Biden being incapacitated or unable to perform his duties. Democrats are worried about 2024. And considering the state of the world and the state of the economy, they damn well should be.

Current Events

You could

be better off if it weren’t for “Biden.”

A new study reveals that the average American household has lost at least $10,000 due to various new regulations implemented by the Biden Administration.

Captain Obvious

Well, that is

hardly a surprise!

Shedding new light on the question of whether “gender-affirming” treatment reduces suicide risks among people suffering from gender dysphoria, a new study found that transgender individuals in Denmark are at significantly higher risk of suicide compared to the northern European country’s general population.

Current Events

Temper, temper!

Hit pigeons flutter.


Oh my.

this is a big deal!

It is a blow against racism.