The time is

not yet. But are we seeing the thin edge of the wedge?

I think that things are changing. Trump adolescently hammering DeSantis and Kayleigh McEnany has really put a lot of people off, and for good reason. Then he lauded Cuomo. Cuomo? I honestly don’t get it. To me, it smacked of dysregulation–him losing it.

Let me say again: I will happily vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I think he would be a raging bull if he were back in the White House, and I like that idea very much!

But in truth, I think DeSantis is a much better candidate. I think that he is at least as conservative (and likely more) and has FAR less baggage. He is at the perfect age, in many ways. And he has a record of being VERY effective.

To be honest, I wonder if Trump is showing some age-related dysregulation. Maybe I’m wrong…

I know the Trump boosters will have an apoplectic fit over me saying that, but let’s be a little clear-eyed, here!

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