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Now the calls

are coming from INSIDE the house!

The calls for Biden to hang up his walker, step aside, and stumble off into retirement are growing in volume, with one of the latest coming from Eliot Cohen at the very liberal Atlantic Magazine. That isn’t an exaggeration of Cohen’s position, by the way. The title of the article is literally, “Step Aside, Joe Biden.”

When you own a vicious dog, it may turn on YOU…

Cohen certainly isn’t suggesting Biden should resign today and put Kamala Harris in as his replacement. He describes Harris as “a weak backfill” who lacks “the political skills and heft to be a compelling presidential candidate.” That’s certainly a charitable way to put it. He would prefer one of the many Democratic Governors or mayors waiting in the wings. While he doesn’t call her out by name, it’s likely that Gretchen Whitmer is somewhere near the top of the list and Whitmer has been sounding more and more as if she finds the idea appealing.

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