Bad Faith Political philosophy

Where have all the

Liberals gone? It’s a great question.

I come in contact with virtually NO Liberals anymore. Almost all self-professed Democrats are not Liberals at all—merely Leftists. Almost all actual Liberals are now firmly in the Conservative camp.

How did Leftism so capture Liberalism? Well, today’s regular people people are very often NOT deep thinkers. They assume that all that is not Conservative is Liberal. The meaning of the word “Liberal” itself has been twisted almost beyond recognition. And hardcore Leftists have encouraged that sleight-of-hand.

And the current mainstream of illiberal Leftists drives this point home. “Liberalism” is interpreted NOT as a variation of Libertarianism, but as something that is primarily defined as, “not Conservative” and “Licentious.”

Liberalism has most often become just a “team name,” not an actual description of political philosophy! All the while, Democrats have increasingly become far more Leftist, and far less Liberal.

For example, defense of free speech is a Liberal position. Stamping out any free speech with which you disagree is a Leftist one. Debating an issue is a Liberal thing to to. Refusing to discuss, running away, and just calling names is a Leftist thing.

There is a BIG difference!

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