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Look, I don’t

know if it will actually happen that way. Who knows? But those numbers right there are catastrophic for Democrats. And it could, COULD get a lot worse for Joe Biden over the next year.

Are these numbers moving in one way or the other? Can you argue that this is a temporary “blip?” Or that these numbers are hopelessly flawed and invalid? I don’t know.

In any case, Democrats need to hope that these numbers are not at all accurate! Because if Joe Biden only gets 61% of the Black vote, he is toast!

That said, I really thought Donald Trump would get FAR more than 8% of the Black vote back in 2020. And I could be wrong again. I could be that 39% really don’t want to vote for Joe, but with all sorts of cultural pressure, when they get in the privacy of the voting booth they break down and do, anyway.

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