Dementia Joe

Biden is

senile. There’s just not two ways about it.

Is he living in 1975? What, was he 45 then? [JK, kinda]

The crowd does its best to play it off by cheering, but we all know what really happened. Besides, is this really what’s important right now? The cost of living has exploded and a major U.S. ally is currently battling a terrorist scourge that killed at least 29 Americans and still has over a dozen held hostage. In the face of that, the President of the United States is crying about pride flags being hung in public places. Pride flags. Freaking pride flags. We are not a serious country.

… No, gay people are not being thrown out of restaurants for being gay. That is an absolutely ridiculous assertion to make, backed by no evidence whatsoever. If that happened, there’d be a civil rights lawsuit the very next day. Biden is just making things up, and he’s doing it to stoke hatred and division. It’s disgusting and dangerous.

… That was nothing compared to his battle with the stage, though. As RedState has reported on more times than I can count, Biden has a real problem with exiting stages. It’s like he’s being asked to do quantum physics. It’s not complicated. You simply walk down the way you came. 

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