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The problem the

Democrats have is that there is no “Plan B” for them.

It’s just about now the Democratic Party is regretting using President Joe Biden as their puppet as multiple news outlets report that the Left has no “plan B” ready if he does not run for re-election “for any reason.” 

There just is NO alternative–there’s simply nowhere to go if Biden has to drop out. But it’s a bit late, now. They gotta dance with the girl who brung them.

  • To appear on each state’s primary ballot, candidates must submit paperwork along with, in many cases, a hefty filing fee and hundreds or even thousands of voter signatures.
  • So even if a candidate entered the race tomorrow, they would be unable to get on the ballot in the first two primaries and probably in a lot of others. It would be a tall order, for instance, to secure 26,000 signatures in California by its Dec. 15 deadline.
  • The deadlines for those submissions have already passed in South Carolina and Nevada, the first two states on the Democratic calendar; in New Hampshire, which is holding an unsanctioned primary in January; and in Alabama and Arkansas