Yet another

poll showing Trump leading Biden. It’s starting to be the norm.

And another MSM talking point is crushed.

The poll also debunks the narratives that third-party and independent candidates might help Biden against Trump. Trump’s lead expands to 6 points (37%-31%)¬†when five other candidates are added to the poll.

I never thought that a 3rd-party candidate would help Biden. Never. From the first time I saw that weaselly canard I knew that it was just an amazingly stupid sleight-of-hand move. Indeed, it was mere Lefty psychopathological wish-fulfillment.

I mean, just think about it for a moment! Who on earth is a Trump voter who could be peeled off by RFK, Jr. or Joe Manchin? Nobody, that’s who.

It was an amazingly stupid wheeze from the get-go. Yet the MSM once again tried to fool the rubes. Well, I am having none of it. And neither should you.

Next, the MSM will present as all aflutter over Nikki Haley and how she could very well beat Trump. Also a stupid ruse. They are freakin’ lying to you, OK?

There is only slightly more chance of a Conservative voting for Nikki Haley than for RFK, Jr.! Nikki Haley? Oh PUH-LEEZ! Do I look stupid?–No really, do I look stupid?