Corruption MSM Palace Guard

Oh! You

don’t say! Are you just coming to that realization? And why is WaPo doing this now?

Why is the Post digging up Dickie Scruggs at this point? Why are mainstream media outlets obsessing over Joe Biden’s poll numbers? Why are “current and former aides” in the Biden White House leaking stories that make Biden look old and infirm, and leaking stories that claim Kamala Harris has taken the reins on foreign policy?

The Democrat-progressive establishment is clearly sending a message to the Bidens: Get. Out. One has to wonder what will come next if Biden refuses to leave, to which I can only advise…go long on popcorn stock.

We are starting to see the ‘rats head for the exits. And they are turning on Old Joe. But once it is impossible to get a new person, they will change back, just you watch…