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I think the rift

between normal, traditional Lefties has now gotten so big that it threatens the very structure of “Democrat” itself.

For example, I had a friend with whom I worked closely almost 25 years ago. And we came to be good friends over a decade–he came over to my house to watch football and we lent each other stuff.

But now he has refused to interact with me at all–he has refused to be my friend. I have voted Democrat in the distant past, but that wasn’t good enough for him!

And the issue is that he has gotten more and more radical in his Leftism until it got to the point where he just could not tolerate having a friend who disagreed with him and who challenged him at all.

And just me being with this friend was itself too much of a challenge to him. He was so far into the Lefty fever swamps that ANY challenge to that warm, moist embrace was just too much for him to tolerate.

And THAT is the rift we are seeing among Democrats. The radical end has gotten more and more extreme, while the more cultural end is starting to shy like a spooked stallion! Sure, they like the idea of Social Security, but things like Portland BLM violence, drag queens, and child sexual mutilation give them hives!

In other words, most of their beliefs are now best embodied by mainstream Republicanism! And so we are seeing some shift from blue-collar workers, Hispanics, and Blacks. And more will happen as Democrat, Inc. gets more and more extreme, and less and less representative of regular people.