Look folks,

there ARE risks!

I’m NOT saying not to use them. I’m saying be careful and watchful. Plus, they are at times a needed option for cycle issues. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. For several reasons they might be a great move. But be watchful and know that YMMV (your mileage may vary).


A great

security feature.

Leonardo DaVinci’s famous Mona Lisa has reportedly been retrofitted with laser eyes by security at the Louvre in response to attacks by activists attempting to vandalize the painting for attention.

Buffoons Current Events

Only 1 in 5?

I thought the number would be higher. Then again, maybe 3 in 5 are dishonest, leaving 1 in 5 that are just stupid!

One in five Democrats disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance, a recent Harvard/Harris survey found.

Current Events

What a


Well, we’re waiting! Maybe Biden just won’t do it because the victim is Black… Under pressure, Biden finally DID respond!

But you KNOW the only reason he did was the public shaming.

Biden Recession

Well, right now,

maybe investing in a fancy mall is not the best financial move. Especially in San Fransisco!

Poetic Justice

So just why

do you think Chicago is frantically rolling up the welcome mat?

Desperate to do something, Johnson panicked and gave a February 1 deadline to migrants who had spent 60 days in a shelter to vacate the premises. They could reapply for a shelter spot but no one was sure how that worked, least of all the women and children who were going to be thrown into the street in the middle of a Chicago winter.

… But Johnson has had enough. He’s now asking Pritzker to build shelters anywhere else but Chicago.


MOST voters

back Texas.

A sizable majority of the public supports Texas’s construction of a wall along its border with Mexico and feels that President Joe Biden’s efforts to stop it are the first step toward civil war.

Evil Clown

Well, that’s

how things work in San Fransisco, right?

“What color panties you [sic] have on?” was the question that cost San Francisco District Attorney’s Office victim advocate Jovan Thomas his job on Friday. The overly friendly email query was addressed to Thomas’ boss, city District Attorney Brooke Jenkins — along with their entire office.

Current Events

Yes, yes

she did. Though to be honest, it was not much of a shocker. Everyone with half a brain and a willingness to actually look at the case already knew her true motives!

Current Events

So what will

“Biden” do? Probably nothing, though it IS an election year and he may feel like he has to do something! If he does do something, you can bet that it will be an insignificant pin-prick.

The world is awaiting President Joe Biden’s response to a drone attack in Jordan over the weekend that left three U.S. servicemembers dead and more than 30 injured.

I mean, they know it was Iran via their proxies. And I have no expectation at all that “Biden” will retaliate against Iran. At most it will be a half-hearted slap on the wrist so “Biden” can say to the American people that he did something. Maybe not even that.

Let’s see what happens…