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he will be!

In an upcoming release of court documents related to the late Jeffrey Epstein, former President Bill Clinton will reportedly be identified as “John Doe 36,” as disclosed in a recent report by ABC News.

I think many run-of-the-mill Democrats fail to understand just how damaging this is to their “brand.” It’s not that there won’t be people on the Right caught up in his–they will. And so we WILL have the famous Bill Clinton strategy of saying, “See, everybody does it!”

But Bill Clinton is a known hound dog who has been credibly accused of forcible rape more than once before, and yet he has been continually feted by the Democrats. He is, in many ways, the very face of the Democrats!

So once this formally breaks, it will give many pause. They may shy away from voting for Joe Biden–who has also been credibly accused of sexual assault.

THAT is why Clinton (and Democrats) are trying so hard to get out in front of this–so when it actually comes out they can dismiss it as “old news” that everyone already knows and we should all just “move on.” “Heh, it’s just that old hound dog Bill Clinton, and we ALL already knew that…”

It is the classic, tried-and-true Clinton strategy. And as old and tired as it is, it almost for sure will yet again lull some of the masses into a narcotic stupor zombie state.

So there are two plays here for the Democrats:
1) Get out in front of it and then say that it is “old news,” and
2) Point to guilty Republicans and say, “See, everyone does it! You are just as guilty as anyone else, you hypocrite!”

THOSE are the only cards Democrats are willing to play. And just you watch, play them they will–as certain as the sun rises in the East…