Political philosophy

Heaven knows I

would like it to be true. And there is indeed a sliver of daylight, here.

And it is indisputably true that the Left is so intellectually weak that most of the time they will run away calling names back over their shoulders rather than logically and rationally defend their positions.

But the truth is that their avoidance and ego-protectionism is often successful, or at least self-reinforcing. Sure, it requires that the Lefty hack retreat back into the fetid Lefty fever swamps, but at heart that strategy is often successful in terms of self-protection–so they never have to put their precious beliefs–or egos–at risk. They can just strike a pose–there’s nothing to it!

But there are limits to that approach. And working people across the globe are starting to see the oligarch Left as being all hat and no cattle.

By contrast, many parties and movements that were once associated with the upper classes – such as the American Republicans, Canadian Conservatives and the British Tories – increasingly depend on working- and middle-class voters. These voters have been the force behind the rise of Donald Trump, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, France’s Marine Le Pen, the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders and various right-wing parties in Sweden, Finland, Spain and Denmark.