Political Strategy Stooooopid!

GOP, you’re

doing great. Now don’t stupidly piss away your lead

I think there is nothing that would hurt the GOP so much as a cowardly capitulation. It would depress turnout and enthusiasm. It would be an amazing, cosmic own-goal.

Could GOP leaders really be so stupid? I sure hope not. And it would likely lead to a major schism within the party.

The still-secret draft deal “is a sellout — it’s going to continue to allow illegal immigration,” Paul told Fox News on January 9. “It’s saying, ‘Oh, we’ll let 5,000 people come illegally a day, and then after that, we might try to stop the next 5,000 that day,’” he said, adding, “It’s completely a sellout.”

… But if the GOP does endorse the 2024 migration giveaway, it also “gives away the [migration] issue” in the 2024 election, Chmielenski said, “Biden is getting pounded on, and Democrats are getting pounded on, their mishandling of the border, but here Republicans are basically giving them a hall pass” in the run-up to the November election, he said.