Political philosophy

See, I think

that was always the way he rolled. Maybe pretending to be more “moderate” was good electoral politics for him in years past, but that has never been who he actually was. That’s why Obama chose him–he was hard Left but “passed” for a moderate.

So was he “pushed?” Sure, but it’s not like it took vey much! It was like a glutton saying, “OK fine, if you insist I will have a slice of cake–Oh, and make it a BIG slice!”

How is Manchin such a total fool as to think otherwise! Yeah, DUH! đŸ€·đŸ»

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) expressed disappointment about President Joe Biden‘s shift “to the far Left” during his first term in office.

“Shift?” Yeah, no. Hidden? A bit, but that is how all Lefties are! The Lefty way is to hide who they really are. Otherwise, they would never get elected in the first place! (except in places like San Fransisco)

It is virtually always the case that elected officials and judges get more openly Leftist the longer they are in office. It is pretty much never the opposite–they revert to form. And a HUGE part of that is that they deliberately misrepresent themselves in order to get into office in the first place! (see: Mitt Romney)