Political philosophy

Like I keep

telling you, comrade: There IS no humor in Leftism!

Because everyone on the American Left traffics in fear-mongering, the brand tends to be rather pinched, sour, and bitter. It’s difficult to be lighthearted when engaged in a quest to find grievances every waking moment of every day. The humorlessness has really taken root in the younger generations. I’ve noted on many occasions that today’s 20-somethings are the crankiest “Get off my lawn!” types in America.

And I think the Left IS almost all like that. It is inescapable given their foundational worldview! It is rather endemic to Leftism itself. To the extent Leftists are fun-loving and humorous they are NOT acting as Leftists!

Because there IS no humor in Leftism itself!

It’s important to remember that little things can turn into big things in a hurry when the leftists are in charge. They’re particularly offended by anyone who won’t join them in their wallowing.