RFK, Jr. does

indeed rattle the “elites.”

And the reason he frightens the elites is that he just might win some of the kookier states such as CA, OR, WA, and HI. And Joe really needs those electoral votes! 

Oh sure, he’s an extreme-Left wacko. But I like the fact that he is a wrecking ball to the Left. I’d never vote for him, but you be you!

Hey, I very much hope he wins CA. Republicans were never going to win CA anyway. So that would be the best possible outcome!

And if no one gets 270 electoral votes, it goes to the House, where each state has a vote. CA may have 4o seats in the House, but they have only ONE vote–same as North Dakota.

And there are a lot more “red” states than “blue” ones!

Go RFK, Jr.!