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Say it ain’t so! I just don’t know what to think anymore… But I DO want her gone. Tell me Bannon is wrong! I think he probably is, but…

It would be a MAJOR own goal for the GOP.

When McDaniel took over, Trump was about to be inaugurated, there were 52 Republican senators and 246 Republican members of the House, and 4,205 of the 7,383 state legislative seats (almost 57 percent) were held by Republicans. Today, Biden is president, there are 49 Republican senators and 219 Republican members of the House, andĀ 4,022 of the 7,383 state legislative seatsĀ (54.4 percent) are held by Republicans. Filings with the Federal Election Commission indicate that the RNC begins 2024 with just over $8 million in cash on hand, the lowest since 1993, adjusted for inflation. The Democratic National Committee begins the year with $24 million on hand.

McDaniel has been an utter and complete failure! Get rid of her, NOW! There just is no way she can, like a stinky barnacle, keep holding on, now.