Lefty Political Strategy

It’s not like

we all already didn’t already know that! But thanks, Chucky, for making it even MORE clear…

Captain Obvious Evil

Never forget the

message that is intended here.

They Did It to Trump, and They Can Do It to You

THAT is the take-home message, here.

Let’s face it: most of us inhabit a dream world, a place where fairness, dignity, honor, and love for your fellow man reign.  Most of all, we wish for a safe world.

We need to feel at least marginally safe to stay sane.

But imagine suddenly realizing that there are dark forces aligned against you and lurking everywhere, ready and willing to take you down for the tiniest offense, real or imagined, against the state.  In other words, imagine you’re Donald Trump.

It’s a very good article. Read it!

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That’s the Libertarians for ya!

Libertarian Party Nominates Giant Gay Bong

The gay, oversized marijuana smoking device edged out candidates RFK Jr., Donald Trump, and Sparklepaws the Transgender Furry to secure the coveted nomination to run for President this November.

Libertarianism makes a lot sense related to domestic fiscal policy only. But in all other areas it only makes sense if you are stoned out of your gourd. And they routinely lock up the stoner 3%.

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As I have said

many times: There is simply nothing in this world more important than politics.

Bad Faith Basic Economics

Funny how things

changen eh?

Anger Biden-Induced Human Misery Captain Obvious

Look, I apologize

for nothing! And the proven facts support what I said…

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I sure hope

America makes a better choice this time than to pretend voter fraud doesn’t exist or that Joe Biden is even remotely competent!

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So what is the

underlying crime? We really don’t know. The prosecution has never said. They have been defensively silent on that.

In a most recent update on the trial, Andrew McCarthy concisely explained the lawlessness inherent in Bragg’s prosecution (with links to previous columns that support each point). Under New York’s state constitution, the felony statute invoked gives insufficient notice of what it is criminalizing. The indictment fails to explain what laws Trump is alleged to have broken. 

It is a disgusting middle finger given to justice and fairness. OF COURSE the anti-Trump jury will find him guilty (of what?). And OF COURSE the verdict will be overturned on appeal.

Sure, but the whole point of this dog-and-pony show certainly isn’t to make things “stick.” It is to interfere with the election in November! This was a jerk move.

That is clear to even the dullest among us…


Joe Biden’s

anti-semitism is certainly nothing new…

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Indeed, it

certainly raises some questions, eh?