Current Events

Huh. Now THAT

really throws a wrench into the prosecution’s rather lame theory of (an unspecified) crime!

“Bragg has vaguely referred to using the denotation of payments to Daniels as ‘legal expenses’ as a fraud committed to steal the election. However, the election was over when those denotations were made…” [emphasis added]

So let me get this straight–the prosecution alleges that after the election (which Trump won), Trump mis-categorized expenses in order to … post-hoc sway the election he had already won.

OK… Just back away slowly…

Look, any blinkin’ fool knows what this is: It is pure election interference and nothing more. This case is 100% borne of Trump hatred and nothing else.

OF COURSE the Lefty crackpot NYC jury will convict him–THAT was always a foregone conclusion. And OF COURSE it will be overturned on appeal–also a foregone conclusion.

But the whole point of this was a) to hang a conviction–no matter how weak and pathetic–on Trump and b) to keep him from campaigning.

It’s not about a legal case at all. And ALL voters should be outraged! As is the case for maybe 98% of Trump voters, this ongoing, spittle-lipped persecution of Trump only makes me MORE happy to vote for him! The unfairness just rankles.

If Trump wins, you know he will wildly swing an ax at the deep state, which is exactly why the nasty orcs of deep-statism are panicking right now. They WILL oppose him as much as is in their power to do so.

For me, that is NOT a reason to not vote for Trump. Quite the opposite, in fact. It will continue to flush the deep-staters out into the open. I think most of us would far rather have an open enemy against us than a back-stabbing spy!

Besides, who else would you vote for, some lame-O hard Lefty like RFK, Jr.? Yeah, no thanks. There is just some dog food I won’t eat…