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Uhm, it could

cause some problems!

“The most important thing about the audiotape is that there was an audiotape. For most lawyers, watching… listening to this tape is, is really an appalling moment. The very idea that an attorney would tape a client without their knowledge or consent just shatters every aspect of professional conduct, but the tape really doesn’t offer much,” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow on Monday.

Yeah, it’s appalling!

Turley added, “Well, that sounds a lot like a client following the directions of his lawyer. But now the lawyer is telling the jury, I think you should send my client to prison for doing what I suggested for him to do.”

“There is nothing illegal here. What Cohen was describing is not a crime,” Turley said. “The prosecutors are making great fanfare over proving non-criminal acts and non-contested allegations. Yeah, there was an NDA. Yeah, money was paid. That happens all the time, and so we’re still left with this bizarre situation of a trial over something that none of us have yet been told what the crime is.” [emphasis added]