Fighting Back Foolishness

Yeah, it’s

NOT gonna help. In fact, this kind of crap only alienates regular people. It actually hardens them and cements them into their Trumpery.

Who at the Biden campaign thought this was a good idea? DeNiro sounds like a kook, and sending a washed-up Hollywood actor on its behalf is pathetic. The Biden campaign’s strategy of pretending to be disconnected from the trial was a strategy that it should have stuck to. The only reason it has changed course is panic. As PJM’s Rick Moran previously reported, Democrats are freaking out over the election as Biden’s prospects for victory continually look bleak.

But there are few relatively sane people left in Hollywood:

According to Breitbart, Dreyfuss was asked to make a few remarks prior to the screening. The actor took the opportunity to speak out against the trend toward inclusivity in the Academy Awards and transgenderism — in particular, the practice of transitioning children. He also criticized Barbra Streisand.