I’m incensed!

And you should be, too.

What a braying jackass! Did Biden and his troupe of inbred suck-up idiots just assume that we are ALL too dang stupid to see what they did, here? Did they just think that Biden voters were already sunken so deep in the anti-Trump moral muck that they would (or even could) just ignore this?

Is Biden just a Ron Burgundy–whatever appears on the TelePrompTer screen, Joe will read it out loud! Erstwhile voice talent, not thinking talent…

So THIS is what Biden and his evil minions really think of you? Biden already had to drop out of a Presidential race once because he plagiarized a speech. He knows what he’s doing. This is FAR from new territory for him. He has certainly plowed this field before!

THIS is who Joe Biden is and who he has always been! You can’t ignore it. This leopard by no means has changed his spots. It’s outrageous!