Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys

It is true, and

it is more than a bit disturbing. “Blackout drunk on their own kool-aid.” Yes, yes they are.

People often insist that the MSM hacks who lie for a living in service of the Democratic National Committee are fully aware that they’re belching up propaganda manure. I would say that’s usually true. It is a very different story when it comes to President LOLEightyonemillion, however. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and permanently warps the minds of those it affects. After creating a Joe Biden who never existed out of whole cloth in 2020, and then having to constantly reinforce it in the face of overwhelming evidence that they’re full of it, they’ve cracked. They now actually believe their own fiction. As we discussed in yesterday’s Briefing, the flying monkeys have taken great offense to the article in the Wall Street Journal that said Biden is losing it. 

The MSM is selling an anti-Trump drug, and they have failed to learn the first lesson of drug dealing: Don’t chow down on your own inventory.