Backfire! Hypocrisy Poetic Justice

Just remember, Lefties.

In horror movies the monster always comes back to kill its creator. It is a common trope for a very good reason!

And to be frank, Lefties, you richly deserve it. YOU did this, and it is very unlikely that you change until YOU suffer. Immensely. You have supported evil in many forms, all for “tribal” gains. And it is revolting. But it may well rebound on you. I hope so, because I don’t think you are capable of learning any other way.

You supported every act of violence, censorship, social coercion, government repression, and outright insurrection so long as it was seen as beneficial to advancing your agenda and, more importantly, as long as it never affected you personally.

… You are who Lenin accurately referred to as “useful idiots.” But I’m not so sure that you still support what democracy “looks like,” now that it “looks like” it has reached your front yard. When they scream that they want to burn the entire country to the ground, they mean exactly that. The monster that you constructed, animated, fed, riled up, and let roam free to dispatch your political enemies is now peering through your bay window, staring at you with a ravenous look in its eyes that evinces neither “solidarity” nor “inclusion” with you.

You have consistently rejected (and even fought against) morality and good sense. I fear that it’s only when the monster begins eating your face that you will start to reconsider.